Thursday, November 25, 2010


This is all from my fundamentals of drawing class.
My last homework assignment was to do a small charcoal still life.

As my midterm assignment I had to do a contour line drawing still life with at least three objects

And on Sept. 29th as a homework assignment I had to do a contour line drawing of a plant


I have been busy with projects and other work.  Though I have finished a couple more master copies for my composition & color class.
This is the latest one I completed on 11/22
Our assignment was to use a limited color palette and to get as close as possible the the original master's palette.  The hues that we used were white, yellow ochre, venetian red (or others),raw umber, burnt umber and black.

-The original masterwork-
Netscher Caspar The Lace Maker

And I completed this one before that as my midterm on 10/12
This was a restricted color palette; only using hues white, black and burnt umber